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Post by legalstalker on Mon Sep 05, 2011 12:10 pm

I thought I would start a thread in this section as nothing has been started as of yet, to compromise a first aid bag set up.
From you basic to advance kit, I will give some ideas, and what is in my kit. It is a great starting point and please feel free to add ideas and equipment.
With my friend being a medic, I hope to get him on this site as he is a weath of knowlege on this as well as a CF member
and Afganistan Vet.
So to begin, my bag is a full medic kit, Ill list my equipment, and try to rank in order of importance to show what a small basic kit should have and what I have in my advanced kit.
1. Band aids (obvious lol), ove various sizes
2. Gauze of diverent sizes, rolls and pads
3. Med tape
4. Scissors, try and get a good pair, that will cut a seatbelt.
5. Small light (Check for pupil dilation and see in the dark if needed)
6. Saline cleaning colution
7. Triangular bandages, I keep several and donuts prpared ahead of time for protruding objects.
8. Face mask for AR/CPR, very important, a 2 way breather with filter. If you have the thin plastic cover, yes its a barrier,
but for the $10, invest in a good one.
9. Emergency aluminum blanket
Thats my basic needs covered for a quick kit, next the add ons for my med kit:
1. Oralphangial airways, including the lubricant, great for a colapsed airway, or if you cant move the head.
2. V-Vac suction, hand held that will help clear airways in the event of vomit and stores it in the self contained reservoir,
3. C-spine collars, various sizes, great for neck immobalization especialy if you don't have an assistance.
4. Break down splint.
5. Air bags, various sizes, from adult to child. Great as doing AR by mouth is very tiring, and can make you verry light headed. Also helps prevent stomach distansion due to over filling the lungs.
6. Scalples, dust in case you need to make a fine incission.
7. Large pressure bandages, for heavy bleads.
8. Plastic sucking chest would patches
9. Large needle setup (this is specific to you training, for needle decompression)
and of course a good bag, mine is a blue ems medic bag, with reflective stripes, and has all the pockets and holders for all of you specific equipment. For example I open the fron, and all size airwairs are stored and ready to go.
10. Candies (for dealing with diabetics)
11. Lots of medical air tubbing
12. Stethascope
My add wish list for my kit would include a tournikey set up thats ready to go and eppy pen, AED (hopefully they will drop more in price to become very affordable). If I lived out in the country, I would have one already with the $1,000 price tag, simply because of the distance of EMS and the fact that it increases survival from 5% with CPR to from what I have been told, 80% + , well worth yours or another persons life, plus user friendly for someone not trained as it provides instruction verbally of what to do. Not practical for me since the hospital is a 3 min walk for me right now, and ems is les then a s min response time to my house if needed.

This is a starter of what I can remember I have in there, I check it every 6 months to make sure the equipment is good, and replace what needs to be.

This is a starter to get the conversation started, please add your suggestions and ideas. Also, some added items which I would like to include as a car kit that is seperate are also a great add in for your car med kit, such as flares.

Remember, stick to your traing, no emergency trakiotomies with a pen please, unless you are trained Wink and any first aid help is better then no help at all!!!


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