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Post by mimirspring on Sun Sep 16, 2012 5:04 pm

I was doing some thinking after I joined this group. I understand the concept... the Sheep, the Wolves and the Sheepdogs, but the more I thought about things the more I realized something was missing in this scenerio. In this metaphor on society, the top of the pyramid was missing. We have the sheep and the wolves and us as sheepdogs, but where is the the Shepherd... the one who watches over the sheep and the sheepdog and cares for both and in a larger sense guides them through the dangers in the world. Then it came to me... this forum, this group as a whole is the Shepherd. The central entity that holds the rest together, without which, the rest would not be relevent. One of my favorite movie passages is from Pulp Fiction... at the end when Sammuel Jackson is talking to Tim Roth about tyranny/evil, the righteous and the shepherd. I always identified myself as a shepherd (like the concept of being a shepherd) but now realize that I am the sheepdog and places like this (forums/groups) that feed and nurture and guide us (metaphorically speaking) are the shepherd.
Wow, now that was a thought.
Sorry, I told you I tend to ramble on hahaha
take care

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