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Post by youonlywish on Sun Aug 21, 2011 5:06 pm

Long story short - looking to get a chest rig.

A wasatch-style or something very similar.

I've played around with condor gear before (as a matter of fact, I really like the rip-away EMT kit) but wanted to put some feelers out there before I buy a chest rig.

If not condor - then can you point me towards another budget gear company - of whom you've had personal experience with their gear?

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Post by Wilson on Sun Aug 21, 2011 7:14 pm

Pantac. They copy Eagle (the uber-expensive gucci kit) but use the same if not better materials, and add additional reinforcing where applicable. Instead of how most Chinese companies just copy shit, run it through a slave factory with no quality control, and sell it for next to nothing, Pantac goes in the other direction and improves upon the original product. It usually comes out to be under half the price of Eagle.

I would wear Pantac into combat and trust my life to it. I have rigs, bags, pouches, and other assorted Pantac kit that has been through hell and back and still cleans up like new. The price is right, the stitching is close to perfect and the MOLLE is all properly spaced. You can order direct from them now through their website.

For domestic I'd recommend SOE. Expensive, perhaps too expensive, but it is well reviewed by the folks on the ground.

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